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    Unanswered: Connection Problem in Form6i for Win95 and SCO Unix/Oracle 7.1.6

    We have no client server environment but UNIX environment.
    We are storing Form 3.0 application as well as Oracle 7.1.6 database on SCO Unix 5.0.0 server machine. And we are running Form 3.0 application on dump terminals with help of terminal emulation program.

    Now we wish to migrate Form 3.0 application to Forms 6i. Hence we purchased Oracle IDS and loaded forms 6i on windows 95/98 clients.

    Intially we faced the problem of ping with unix server. We resolved it using tnsnames.ora file modification and starting the listener. Now listener has started and tnsping80 response is OK.

    Problem :
    Now when we run the forms 6i designer or sqlplus or any other application, it asks for username,password,connect-string. After giving all these, as scott,tiger,test (service-name), it gives error - ora-06413, connection not open.

    Please suggest any solution. We are using OS Authentication method.

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    You may want to trace the client connection with level 16 (admin) and look at the resulting sqlnet trace file.

    There is an issue in regarding reserved characters used to identify the client computer: If you have this characters in the host name, username, program name these charaters can 'break' the establishment of the connection.

    Reserve symbols are:

    ( ) = \ " ' #

    let me know if this was your case...


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    Dear Mr.astropp

    I could not find the trc file in client machine. Any way, we give the parameter like this :

    username : scott
    pass : tiger
    conn_stg : erp

    erp is our service name, which is pinging and giving OK with server. There is no special characters as metioned by you.


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