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    Arrow Unanswered: Export Delimited/schema.ini (need help!)

    I am exporting from an Access query to a comma delimited file. For some reason I am unable to transfer to 4 decimal places. I have setup a schema.ini file as follows:

    CharacterSet = ANSI
    CurrencySymbol = $
    CurrencyDigits = 2
    CurrencyThousandSymbol = ,
    CurrencyDecimalSymbol = .
    DecimalSymbol = .
    NumberDigits = 4
    NumberLeadingZeros = True
    CurrencyPosFormat = 0
    CurrencyNegFormat = 14
    Col1=Ticket_number Integer
    Col2=Line_number Integer
    Col3=Product_code Integer
    Col4=Ingredient_name Char Width 25
    Col5=Quantity Float
    Col6=Unit_measure Char Width 3
    Col7=Unit_price Float
    Col8=Total_amount Currency

    This still will not send the 4 decimal places only 2. I am open for suggestions! Other things I have tried, linking to the exported text file to update the field but this is not supported by my ISAM (apparently) and I do not know how to update this.


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    I would try changing the currency digits value to 4. Or perhaps do not specify currency at all.

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    Thanks very much for the reply!

    I tried that (and more) and nothing seemed to work. In the end, I had to cave in and change my Windows Registry. I'm always reluctant to do stuff like that and prefer to find an alternative.

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