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    Unanswered: DB2 App Driver Javadoc??

    I would love to know where I could get my hands on the DB2 driver ( javadoc. I've looked all over to no avail. Please help!!! Thanks a million.

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    DB2 jdbc driver javadoc

    I am also looking for some javadocs for the DB2 jdbc driver javadoc. I was wondering if you had got any more info or if anyone else has any kind of information. Any help will be appreciated

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    I wrote a Java Servlet that uses reflection to tell me everything I need to know about the DB2 JDBC driver. I used it on the JDBCMetaData object and there are some interesting looking fields that other drivers do not have. The Connection object is slightly different too. My utility does not give you the usage or description, only the public properties and methods, including parameters (if any) and return types. It's an interesting "toy". I'll dig it up and post the results here. Stay tuned.


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