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    Question Unanswered: problem db2syscs and cpu

    Stockholm Sweden 21-02-2002.

    HI my name is Mathias.

    I have a problem with db2 7.1. The db2syscs is using all cpu. The server very slow because of this. I have run the db2dart and i can´t finde eny problems with the database. I have resently uppgrad the application on this server, and after thet the problem appeared

    The server is a ibm netfinity 5600 whit two cpu´s

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    Hello Mathias, I presume the problem goes away when your application is shutdown. Does the application work even though the CPU going crazy? Is there lots of disk activity? My guess would be that it's an index related issue. Is it a commercial application or one you wrote yourself?


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    Have you also had a chance to take database snapshots:
    db2 get snapshot for all on <database name>
    Try to find any fields which show excessive activity. It will be more accurate if you take multiple snapshots and compare them to each other to determine the delta of the increase.

    Also, if you are seeing high CPU usage, first thing I would check for would be sort activity. Has the newer version of the application introduced new queries?

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