Here's my Sun problem. If somebody can help, please let me know! Thanks
I've just about lost it on this one, so I really hope that somebody can help.

I installed a current cluster patch in single user mode. Upon the reboot, I got a series of errors regarding /sbin/rcS being unable to create files in /dev (null, etc) that are symbolically linked to files in /devices/pseudo. That prevented me from booting at all. After checking permissions and removing /dev/null, etc, I make /dev, /devices, and /devices/pseudo rwx to everybody. That got me to the next step. Now init can't write to /var/adm/utmpx. I did a very sketchy thing (/var/adm rwx to everyone) just for giggles but it didn't work.

I did not set up this system, and I've never used disksuite. The filesystems are separated into two partitions / and /export/home. Both are mirrored. I dismantled the mirror for / and tried to reboot into each of the previously mirrored partitions. No luck. The init error stands.

This is a Sparc Ultra 1, and I haven't a clue as to where to go next.