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    Unanswered: SQL0104N Error after installing FixPack 4

    Hi to all,

    I have DB2 workgroup Ed 7.2 and DB2 Connect Personnal Edition on Windows 2000.
    I have just installed FP4.
    I have successfully configured a connection with a host database which
    resides in AS/400 machine and I can see this instance from Control Center.

    However, each time I try to open the AS/400 DB2 instance tree, I get the following message:

    SQL0901N The SQL statement failed because ot a non-severe system error. Subsequent SQL statements can be processed. (Reason "Attach to V1 server is invalid".) SQLSTATE=58004

    What do I have to do ?

    Thanks for yours answers


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    Do any questions posted to this forum ever get answered?

    Does anyone have an answer to this one?

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