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    Unanswered: db2 catalog database

    I upgraded DB2 on my NT machine. How do I recatalog databases that previously existed ? I issued the following command:
    db2 catalog db testdb on c:\db2...but it seems on NT, you can only specify a drive letter for the Path.


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    J, I don't know what the 'on <path>' clause does. Have you tried leaving it out as in 'db2 catalog db testdb'.


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    Hi. You should check the local and system database directories for the database(s) in question:

    db2 list db directory
    --system database directory
    db2 list db directory <drive>
    --local database directory

    The system database directory acts as a mapping of the databases on the system. The local database directory actually gives the path to the database files.

    If you find that the system database directory doesn't contain the database, but the local on does, you'll need to catalog using the drive.
    hope this helps,

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