I have an application that would benefit from users specifying the file name and worksheet name to import, I have to admit that I haven’t worked with dts programmatically. Though I am having difficulties manipulating the .bas module. It seems to be only working with the saved dts settings. Maybe I am not configuring my goPacket properly.
Are these all I need to change to make dynamic
1)oConnection.ConnectionProperties("Data Source")
2)oConnection.DataSource = "C:\Updated Rotawin 15012002\Rosta_Workbook1.xls"

and then maybe

3) oCustomTask1.SourceSQLStatement = "select `Key`,`Branch Number`,`Day Number`,`SiteCardNumber`,`Duty Date`,`Start Time`,`Employee Number`,`Slot Number` from `'Feb Week 1$'`"

Any help would be much appreciated