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    Unanswered: DB2 Error Message

    We got this error last night during our backup:

    Stopping DB2
    DB20000I The FORCE APPLICATION command completed successfully.
    DB21024I This command is asynchronous and may not be effective immediately.

    02-22-2002 02:01:15 0 0 SQL1064N DB2STOP processing was successful.
    SQL1064N DB2STOP processing was successful.
    SQL1072C The database manager resources are in an inconsistent state. DB2 may
    have been incorrectly terminated, or another application may be using system res
    ources in a way which conflicts with DB2's use of system resources. System reso
    urce cleanup may be required.

    We did this to get things going again:

    I ran a DB2 stop, then checked for db2 processes, there were none.
    I checked fo ipcs resources, which there were for the instance id db2as (used by websphere).
    I removed them (ipcrm), then started db2

    My question is what would cause this to happen in the first place????

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    Hi. Could be stale IPC resources. Result of problematic cleanup or an "accounting" problem. Generally, sql1072 means that you should start by checking for 'floating' processes/ipc resources.

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