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    Unanswered: Input Box for Query in MS Access

    I have a large table on which I am running a query to find a specific item of data, however the data changes all the time.

    What I need is to add an expression into the query to popup and input box to ask "What is your query data?"

    I can't remember how to do this. can anyone help



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    Enter the question you want to pop up surrounded by brackets in the criteria field of the querie.

    i.e. If you have an address table and want to retrieve all the records for a specified state, enter the following in the criteria block for the STATE field:
    [Enter state to retrieve]

    If you want to be able to enable wildcards, you could do the following in the last name field:
    LIKE [Enter last name or partial last name] & "*"
    Patrick Mildenberg

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