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    Unanswered: Multiple Queries from 1 Table

    I've got 1 table with names (First, Middle, Last, and Suffix) along with associated cards and directories. I need to pull out all duplicate names and create a new table based on that information and give each name a NameID. Then, I need to create a 3rd table associating the NameID's with the corresponding cards and directories.

    For example, if John Smith shows up 6 times in the 1st table, I need to weed out all but 1, give him a NameID and associate that NameID with all 6 cards.

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    re multiple queries

    i havent used it, but access contains a normalisation wizard, which is accessed from


    This should do it.

    Otherwise, run a make table query based on the unique names in your un-normalised table, then link back to NameID from your now-normalised table.

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