I'd like to synchronize/link two forms BUT a) I don't want any forms to be filtered, and b) I want it to work both ways.

This is the scenario:
* main form Clients containing two subforms
* first subform Jobs with Job details (on tab control, 1st tab)
* second subform Jobs containing subform Actions (on same tab control, 2nd tab)

I would like to move to the next record using the navigation buttons on the 1st Jobs subform, then when i click on tab 2 to see the Actions for that particular job, I can still use the Jobs navigation buttons to change between jobs. Just the JobID and Job navigation buttons will be permanently displayed and functional in both tabs, and moving to a different record on one form will be reflected on the other.

One other thing, I can't use the transparency features of the tab control, because to save space is a 3rd tab with all the Client details on it !!

I have seen an example for how to do this with the onCurrent event, and another example for how to do this using the Where condition, but both these methods filter the form that's being synchronized. The nearest solution I have found so far was an example of clicking on a list box item to jump to the relevant record.

Please Help, I have spent hours looking !!!!