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    Unanswered: PeopleSoft export query??

    Hi all ..

    My company,for various reasons, has decided not to upgrade to PeopleSoft 8 however they still are pursuing the need to web enable much of what our current version offers.

    We are working to create a SQL based Personnel Action Form ( which encompasses New Hires and all modification of an existing employees records, i.e. Transfers, Salary Change, etc. )

    What we are basically looking for from PeopleSoft if a nightly export of all employees current Personnel Action Form data. We are being told by our PeopleSoft guru that this is not possible. It's a very complex schema involving many tables and just would be very difficult to accomplish. On the other hand, we have a PeopleSoft consultant telling us it is doable. That PeopleSoft is a database and therefore can be queried and a recordset returned.

    We, the web developers, don't know much about PeopleSoft but find it hard to believe that it can't be done. So.. I'm looking for an impartial party to impart any knowledge about what we are trying to do and if it's doable!

    Thanks in advance for any advice.

    - Lise

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    I think it can be done, but knowing Peoplesoft it will not be easy.

    But if the data can be displayed in a form, it can also be extracted with a query. You could trace what sql statements are used when you open a Peoplesoft form.
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