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    Post Unanswered: Restore master database with upgrade from SQL7 to SQL2000

    Dear all,
    I would like to copy all DB's (incl. master) from a machine running SQL7 to another machine running SQL2000.
    I was thinking about a backup/restore method, but I have a problem with 'master'. I get this error message:

    The backup of the system database on device T:\BACKUPS\DataBkp\MASTERBKP cannot be restored because it was created by a different version of the server (117441473) than this server (134218112).

    How can I upgrade my backup file so that SQL2000 can read it?
    Thanks in advance.

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    If I understand you want to port you SQL Server 7.0 environment to a SQL Server 2000 environment and retain your SQL Server 7.0 environment as well.

    This may be the long way but how about the following steps:

    1) Install SQL Server 7.0 (A) on the soon to be SQL Server 2000 first.
    2) Move the databases from the original SQL Server 7 (B) over
    3) Upgrade SQL Server 7.0 (A) to 2000

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    It seems to be the only solution. And I would have had the same problem with msdb and model (see;en-us;Q264474)
    Thanks for your help!

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