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    Post complicated design questions

    I am trying to design a database that contains information about residents and staff of an aprtment complex. I was hoping someone could help me with the best desing when staff can also be residents. I am trying not to have redundancy in the database.

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    What all information fields do you want to have for residents?

    Also, having an idea about what sort of queries will be done most on this database will also help in optimizing the design, if there is any scope for it.

    Also, staff can also be residents? There are numerous solutions to this -- including:

    Table People (Name, Apartment address, other info fields,etc.etc., Flag: IsStaff&Res/IsStaffOnly)

    I assume you will need to store address information for the staff personnel too, even if their own residence location is somewhere else.

    Then, have a Table Staff ( Index Map Number to Index in Table People, Staff Position, Service Timings, etc.etc.)

    If you have multiple people at the same post (e.g. 10 people in-charge of the day-to-day administration), you can have another table called Table Posts (mapping Post Number to Post Details).

    If you have any more specific information, we can discuss the design in more detail.

    Hope this helps.
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    Thanks for help. I think I am going to setup a person table that hold name, address, phone, etc.., and then have a table that holds information related to a staff member and a table with info related to a resident. I like you idea for a flag so that I can use that in a query. Thanks again for your help.

    The idea is I have a complex which has residents that live there. The staff is both live-in and non-live-in. I need a way to hold all there information in one database and relate the information in such a way to keep them separate or together. I hope this makes some sense.


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