I'm not familar with B-trieve. Mostly, I implement ASP to access data from SQL 7.0 or Access. Here is my questions:

1. How can I access B-trieve database (I think it's version 6.15)? I just need to get data to compare with another database (access, dbase and sql), no add or update at all.
2. Do I need ODBC?
3. I read from forum that I may need to create DDF. Where I can download tool to create DDF?
4. Should I export B-trieve database to be something like access or SQL or text file (if possible) every now and then for the purpose of accessing by ASP script? Or it's not such a good idea? (By the way, this database still updating every day from another software).
5. I have a little experienced on create MTS Component to execute sql command but very little. Is there anyway I can create MTS Component to get data from B-trieve?

Please advice.