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    Unanswered: Creating Linked Servers

    I'm new to this aspect of SQL Server so bear with me here. I have 2 SQL Servers (2000) in seperate locations on separate IPs. From what I'm reading and from what I've tried using Enterprise manager, the only way I can link the other server is by using the IP address as the name. Is there a way that I can specify a "user-friendly" name which will be used to reference tables on the linked server in queries?

    This is the first time I've run across something that none of my books, nor the books online seem very clear about. Keep that in mind when replying, please. I may need the remedial course for this. <grin>

    Any help is appreciated.

    Rob Wilkerson

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    On the machine that you will be registrying the Linked Servers, if you can not ping the SQL Server name of the other 2 ?

    c:\> ping MyServer

    But you can ping the IP addresses

    c:\> ping

    Then you can create "user friendly" names 2 ways.

    1) Add the 2 servers to the LMHOST file of the server or
    2) Us SQL Server Client Network Utility to define Alias for these 2 servers.

    The second method is the easiest since it is straight forward and you are using SQL Server tools. The first way is more of a global definition, that defines an alias that can be used by all commands and tools (ie net use). Where as the second method is strickly SQL Server realm.

    Make sure that you use TCP/IP as your Network Library when defining the aliases (method 2).

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