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    Unanswered: Select data while updating...

    i have a table which is getting updated. Till the commit is not done , other connections are ubable to perform any queries on this table.
    they get error message that resource is locked.

    how can i solve this problem?
    my intention is that users should see the preupdated data
    while commit has not been done.
    this is urgent. pls do help.
    thatnks and reg.

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    Try using isolation level(ur) for the dbrm.

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    further to select while updating

    thanks Maya. I tried doing that but my problem is, if i use (isolation ur )then i see the uncommited data at that point. I mean, its not Last consistent image. I need to see data that is till the last commit.
    any way of doing this?
    pls help,
    thanks and reg

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