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    Unanswered: Technique/formula for DB Size estimation in MS SQL Server 2000?


    Can you suggest us a detailed technique/formula for estimating the database/datafile size in MS SQL
    Server 2000?

    Thanks in Advance,

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    There isnt any easy way to do this(what I know of..).

    You could do it the hard way though!

    If you have your db-design ready you could calulate how much space a row in a table will allocate..

    If you have table that consists of two fields: ID(Integer), SName(Varchar(100), you know that each row in the table will alocate maximum 104bytes(Inteder=4 and Varchar=max100).

    SQLServer stores information in pages(think the size is 8k), now you can calculate how many rows each page can contain(There is more information by default in the page so count with 7,9k).

    Now you also know how many pages there is in 1Mb (1024/8 = 128). So lets say that your calculation shows that you can have 76rows in each page for the table above and there is 128 pages in 1Mb you now know that 9728 rows = 1Mb(for that table)..

    Its up to you if you want to spend the time it takes to do this calculation...

    Anyhow,Hope it helps!
    - Jonte

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    I have this Excel spreadsheet that can be used to estimate table size. It is something that I have picked over the years.
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