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    Unanswered: Urgent - need help with Access 2K running on XP Home.

    OK, here's the problem.

    My boss has an Access 2000 DB on a win98 machine. This DB has a table with an autonumber field. An operation is performed such that the contents of the table are deleted and then an append query is used to add N rows to the table. The autonumber field always reseeds at 0 each time these operations are performed. I am aware this behavior is incorrect, but it does serve his purposes well cause he actually uses the data in the field for something. The field numbering starting at 1 is essential to his project.

    Now, we copied the database onto a machine running Office 2K on Windows HP Home edition. Now when we perform the operations in the database and add rows to the table, the number generator does not reseed. Instead if M rows were deleted the autonumber field starts counting at M+1, which totally screws him up.

    Please let me know what can be done to correct this. While I know that using the autonumber field for actual holding of data is not a good idea, it's not practical for us to change it now.

    Thank you,
    Jeremy Rudock

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    Since you're deleting all the records, here's something to try.

    1) Copy structure of original table to temp table
    2) Delete original table
    3) Rename temp table
    4) Append records, should reset the autonumber

    Good luck.

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