Greetings All,

I'm self-taught on Access 97 and I've built some pretty powerful apps with it.

I took a VB class and just when I started to learn something, the class was over.

Anyway, I'm wanting to get away from Access for a number of reasons including the version dependcy issues. Some users of my apps have switched to Access 2000 while others are still using Access 97. This has caused serious problems.

I'm now trying to build an application in VB, but I'm getting stumpped on things that are very simple in Access. Ugh!!!

Right now, I'm trying to add a sub-form or do something similar. All I've been able to find that is similar is a data grid, but I haven't had good luck with it so far.

Is there a way in VB to do the same thing as adding a sub form to a form in Access?

Thanks in advance for any help.