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    Question Unanswered: DLookup w/ Date Range Criteria

    Ok - I've got a table, Pay Dates, which has three fields:

    Pay Period Begin Date, Pay Period End Date, Date of Check.

    Data looks like this:

    PyBeg PyEnd PyDate
    2/9/02 2/22/02 3/01/02
    2/23/02 3/08/02 3/15/02
    3/09/02 3/22/02 3/29/02

    I'd like to use DLookup to find the date a paycheck will be recieved for work performed on a specific date, "EfDate". For example, work performed on 2/25/02 will be paid in check recieved 3/15/02. I'm trying to use DLookup to find this only returns the first value in the table:

    Date: DLookUp("PyDate","Pay Dates","[Queries].[Ef Date].[EF DATE] BETWEEN #" & "[Tables].[Pay Dates].[PdBeg]" & "#" And "#" & "[Tables].[Pay Dates].[PdEnd]" & "#")

    This only returns the first record in the Pay Dates table, regardless of the value of [EfDate]. Any ideas?? I've tried all I can think of, this is the closet I've gotten.



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    First, it you have your fields labeled as "PyBeg" and "PyEnd" at the top and "PdBeg" and "PdEnd" in your DLookUp criteria.

    If that isn't the problem . . .

    I've never been able to figure out why, but I've had similar problems using BETWEEN. Try using efDate >= PyBeg and EfDate <= PyEnd

    Also, you should be able to drop the "[Queries].[Ef Date]." and "[Tables].[Pay Dates]." parts of the criteria and be OK. But I don't think it should hurt anything having them there, either . . .
    Patrick Mildenberg

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    Create the following, as a named query (say "qryDeterminePayDate") . . .

    SELECT PayDates.PdDate
    FROM EfDates, PayDates
    WHERE (((EfDates.EfDate) Between [PdBegin] And [PdEnd]));

    . . . and then use your DLookUP to grab the needed data from the results of the query.

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    Used Guru's suggestion of the 2nd query to calculate the dates, and rather than using DLOOKUP in the original, I just linked the two queries and added the field "PyDate" to the output.

    Thanks for the help!

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