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    Arrow Unanswered: linked table won't update related column

    Hello everybody!

    I have two tables which are linked through 1:1 relation.
    An update in the linked column does not update related
    column (which is PK) in the other table.

    The latter's source is a parameter query based on the
    first table.

    Will I have to use .requery or such like, later on,
    when I will add code? (This is the "database design stage").

    Is this the routine behavior for Access?
    (I'm kind of new to this).

    Should this update reflect changes in the second table?
    Am I doing something wrong?

    Thank you all.


    P.S. As for my previous post - I'm about to solve this issue
    by encapsulating PK's.


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    Go Relationship window and select Edit Relationship to setup "update" and "delete" constraints for the relationship between your two tables.


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    Hello IGelin!

    These options are marked, of course. I did not mention that.
    NTL, no update is being made.
    Does it have anything to do with the data source being
    a parameter-query?

    Thank you for your reply.

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