We are currently running Magic V 5 with Btreive 6.15 on a Novell server. We are migrating to a strictly Win2K environment and would like to move our Magic application to the 2000 server. We have installed the Pervasive SQL.2000i engine (SP4) on the Windows 2000 server and moved the database directory over. We are able to get Windows 98 machines to use the database if we run btrbox before running magic. We are unable to get the Win2k machines to connect to the database. I'm getting either a "Fail to open lock file, file:..." error when running magic or a "fail to initialize database" on some occaissions.

Unfortunately, we have no practical experience with the Magic database or Btreive, as it has been in place for a very long time and the people who did the original work are long gone. Our goal is to simply keep the existing database running, on Windows 2000 server, for multiple users. We assume that this means replacing the btrieve executable with Pervasive.SQL on the server and requesters on the client.

Included is the magic.dat file.
ERASE $*.*
@echo off
mgerror /silent
rem mgerror /silent
btrieve /m:45/b:8/p:4096/f:25/e/t:\magic\btrieve.trn
rem mgdbase
mgswap 300 mgrnt /overlay=102 /ExpandedMemory=Y /Terminal=%WORKSTATION%
rem mgswap 300 mgGEN /overlay=102 /ExpandedMemory=Y
if errorlevel 100 goto RESTART
goto END

mgerror /quit /silent
goto START
mgerror /quit /silent

Any assistance and or guidance would be much appreciated.