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    Post Unanswered: Digital Watermarking

    I am trying to compile a C code for digital watermarking which is given in a text book. But I am experiencing some problems regarding its compiling like termination of the program. I have mailed to the author of the book regarding this, and he replied as:

    I just glanced at the code you sent, and it appears to me as though you're calling EmbedDCTQWmkInImage with a file name as the first argument. But the routine is expecting the first argument to be a width-by-height array of pixel intensities. I suspect this may be a simple
    oversight (always the hardest thing to debug!). Either that, or there's something in the code that I don't see.

    I changed that also but it is not making any difference can anyone help me in this.
    Thanking you,
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