I'm using Phakt and Dreamweaver UD
I'm trying to develop a recipe database with 2 tables, recipes and authors with a LEFT JOIN and pulling the records with 1 textbox on the same page using LIKE.

I have apache, php 4.06 and MySQL set up on my PC.
For testing purposes I have only 6 records in my database with a LIMIT of 2.

Everything seems to work great except for one problem.
when I input a search word which I know will pull 3 records, it says found 1 to 2 of 3. Now, when I click 'next' the whole database gets pulled 'found 3 to 4 of 6'.

this thing has been pulling my hair out for the last few days.
This must be a pretty basic problem, Am I missing a statement of some sort. Can someone offer a suggestion ??

Thanks alot