Because of the error problems I was having (see thread here:, I decided to uninstall, then reinstall MySQL. All I had was dummy data since I'm just doing some initial dev work so no big deal.

Wrong. The uninstall went okay (allegedly), but when I went to reinstall, it fails immediately. First it tells me that the unInstaller failed to initialize and that I may not be able to uninstall, then it tells me that an error occurred during the move data process (-115, component: servers, File Group: Servers, File: mysqlbug.txt). After that, the window just closes out.

So I check my file structure and most of the old mysql directory is still there. When I try to delete it manually, it tells me that the file cannot be deleted and may be in use. The server is uninstalled and the service is shut down. How could it still be in use? In the meantime, I don't have MySQL available for dev work.

Can anyone get me out of this mess without having to rebuild my server? I am or was running MySQL 3.23.47 on a W2K machine with IIS. I was trying to install v3.23.49.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.