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    Unhappy Unanswered: DCount in a footer

    I'm using the following in a footer:


    Where field = FD and query = Org_HOU and I'm trying to count the y's. The formula works but does not return the proper number of y's for the footer. In other words it does not return the number of y's for the subtotal but returns the number of y's in all of Org_HOU.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated. BTW, sorry about the empty post earlier today - obvious new user.

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    Just because you "place" the DCount in the footer, doesn't mean it is going to restrict is "recordset" to the form's "recordset." You have to tell it so.

    In fact, in a way, your current DCount specifically tells it to ignore the form's "recordset" and use the query Org_HOU.

    Is this a footer in a continuous subform?

    What is the record source of the form, or subform.

    Basically, the query referenced in your DCount should be the same query as the form (or subform), WITH ALL OTHER CRITERIA taken into account. By all other criteria, I mean, if you use the child/master linking, those are criteria which must be taken into account. If you are doing any other criteria, those also must be taken into account.

    Bottom line, the Org_HOU is a different "recordset" than the one displaying on the form. If you expect the results to be the same, then the "recordsets" must also be the same.


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