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    Unanswered: Need Help ASAP!! FoxPro to MSSQL 2000 Conversion question..

    I am in the process of converting an old FoxPro 2.6 based DB to MSSQL 2000..

    It appears that FoxPro 2.6 stores it's null value dates as 12:00:00 AM which is causing errors when importing the data into MSSQL 2000.

    The format of all of the other dates is mm/dd/yyyy

    Has anyone else encountered this? is there a filter, or a a script or switch somewhere to replace the NULL values with something that MSSQL is happier with?

    ..:: EDIT ::..

    Looking @ the properties of the affected columns, it looks like they are set as smalldatetime, but if i switch them to datetime with a length of 8 it imports just fine.

    So.. now my task is to update all of the columns from smalldatetime to datetime.


    Thanks in advance!

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    Use DTS.

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