I am trying to load a XML file to tables. I used java OracleXML putXML to insert the XML file to tables. When I used this, I got the message "successfully inserted 2 rows into the table_name". When I did a "select count(*) from table_name", it gave a count of 2. But the two rows were blank rows. When I do a select (*) from table_name, I get just 2 blank rows. Can anyone tell me where the problem could be? Is there a problem with the XML file or with the table structure?

I did the following to load the XML file:
1. Created table and object types to accomodate the XML data structure
2. Transformed the raw XML file into a <ROWSET> and <ROW> tag using oraxsl.
3. Used java OracleXML to insert the document into the table.

This problem is bothering me a lot and it is quite urgent.
Thank You for the help.