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    Unanswered: PL/Sqlplus-extracting data from Table to comma delim file

    Thanks for your help in advance. I'll try to keep it short.
    I'm trying to extract data from a table into a comma delimited file using Sql/SqlPlus. I've written the sql and spool it to a file. This works ok, where the problem comes in is that I have to set a linesize so long that the file becomes very big. I would like to remove these "extra" spaces at the end of each line. Each line varies in length as is with a delimited file.

    Is there a diff. approach I should be taking? I don't have any 3rd party software to work with only Pl/SQL, Sql,Plus.


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    I hope I understand what you want to do ... you just want to trim the
    line and kick off the blancs at eatch end of line ?

    if so TRIM is the command you need ...

    Hope this helps ?


    Manfred Peter
    (Alligator Company)

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