This seems to be a 'once in a while' problem: I have a few members of various rollups that occasionally do not add up to the correct total in the parents' spot.

e.g. Below, the rollup Total for A and C might be correct while B is not. Close inspection shows that all three have identical setups in the Outline, but that if looking at the values in Excel, after an Essbase|retrieve, b1 and b2 don't sum to what they should in B!

| +---a1
| +---a2
| +---b1
| +---b2
| +---c1
| +---c2

This is usually discovered when someone compares some strange numbers to our Lawson accounting server, from which the Essbase figures are loaded each night and discovers the Essbase figures don't match.

1) This doesn't happen all the time
2) Does anybody know why this is happening at all? We use the same scripts each night to load updated data from our Lawson server so why do only SOME of the totals fail?
3) Is there a good way to fix these?