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    Unanswered: Analysis Services on the web problems


    I basically have 2 problems:

    1]I am on a client Machine (Win2000 client).This is within the firewall. My SQL Server2000(Mixed mode authentication,Enterprise Edition) and Analysis server are on a Windows 2000 Advnaced Server running with IIS 5.0.This server is outside the firewall. I also have Analysis services installed on machine. I wanted to create a cube on my client machine using the SQL Server 2000 on the machine outsided the firewall.So I did the following.
    [a]Created a system DSN , say TRIALDSN, on my client that points to the SQL server,with 'sa' and password as 'admin'.It worked.
    [b]Then I went to Analysis services on my client, created a new
    Database, and a new Data Source with the DSN name as TRIALDSN.This worked too.And THEN, I right clicked on the Cube directory and said New Cube|Editor. I am getting the message .."Connection to the 'servername-databasename' data source failed.Error:Login failed for user 'sa'.Do you want to retry? with 'Yes' and 'No' options. Can anyone help me with this error.....
    2]With the same setup as above, I am trying to view the cubes on the server from my client PC. I am stuck with a problem here too. This is what is my requirement.
    I need a html/asp page on the server with the cube data,that a user can access from a client machine on the internet and perform drill-downs and anything else he wants. So, this is what I tried out.
    On the server outside the firewall: Got the cubes onto Excel.Here I selected the Analysis Server radio button, giving the Analysis server name as the servname(that is the name of the same machine),say "ABC01". I did (and tried without too) give the username and password for the http connections.Got the data onto excel.Then I did a 'Save As Web Page' and got the excel as an html, with all the excel features still retained (although the 3D effects of the charts were lost). I then copied this html file, say, EXAMPLE.htm to the C:\inetpub\wwroot along with the msolap.asp file.
    I opened the browser and gave the url for this html and everything was fine.
    By the way the IIS settings are as follows:
    Integrated Windows Authentication checked
    Changed the default IUSR_machinename to Administrator

    On the client within the firewall:Opened the browser and typed in the url as follows:
    http://IP address of the server/EXAMPLE.htm
    I am getting the error "The Pivot Table List 'PivotTable2' could not connect to the data source "cubename".For information about the data source, consult the creator of the file.
    0x80040e4d: The operation requested failed due to security problems - the user could not be authenticated.
    Some how, the data source property with the value 'ABC01' in the connection string of the html is giving the problem. What should I do?? But the whole point is, I am able to access normal html pages on the server from the client, that is , html pages that do not connect to cubes.
    I am desparate for help. Thanks in advance.


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    Could you find the solution. If yes, pls. pls. let me know.

    I am having the same error and I need some quick solution. My email:

    Thanks a lot in advance,

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