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    Unanswered: Transaction Log Full In DB2

    Hi Guys,

    Please help me out on this error of db2. I am getting "transaction log full", this error comes when the volume of data inserted/deleted/selected is large. My problem is i need to insert around 9000 records which gives me this error. i have tried using :

    db2 update db cfg for dbname using logprimary 5 (also tried with 4096)
    db2 update db cfg for dbname using logsecond 5 (also tried with 4096)

    but it gave user name and password are incorrect.

    please help me out on this.

    thanx in advance for your cooperation.


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    Hi. The error message results when the number of uncommitted transactions exceeds the space available for logging. There are several ways around this:

    increase the number of primary and secondary logs
    increase the size of a log file (logfilsz)
    or to issue 'COMMITS'

    If you are inserting data via IMPORT you have the option to specify a COMMITCOUNT. If you are inserting the data via 'insert' commands, every x number of inserts you should issue a commit. This will flush the changes to disk and ensure that the database is refreshed.
    hope this help, Raj

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    Thanx Raj,

    I solved the problem my working on the log files.

    thanx for the help.

    btw. can u guide to close this thread..

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