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    Unanswered: Replication problem

    I have two different servers Server1 and Server2. I had a database DB1 on Server1 which I restored onto the server Server2 with the same name DB1. Then I deleted the database DB1 from the server Server1. Now when I try to establish snapshot replication of DB1 from Server2 onto the Server1, I'm getting the following error.

    "A connection could not be established to Server1 - Cannot open default database '<ID>'. Using master database instead.
    Please verify SQL server running and check your SQL server registration properties (by right-clicking on the Server1 node) and try again."
    DB1 was the default database on Server1 which I deleted after restoring the same onto Server2.
    Now I'm not even able to connect to server1.

    I'm using the user SA.

    Thanks in advance.
    P.C. Vaidyanathan

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    You must remember that when you copy a database from one server to another while users UIDs may be copied across inside the databse, they have the same name in the database and on the new server ......BUT........ the user ids are a match in name ONLY!!

    Each user ID has an SUID ( 24 bit hex value I think ) that is unique for each UID on the server and in the copied over database. So, to make the UIDs line up in the databse with UIDs already defined on the new server, you need to run a special stored procedure called sp_change_users_login ( see books on line (BOL)) to map the UIDs so at they match on the UIDs. This maps the SUIDs such that UID "testuser" on your server matches UID "testuser" in the copied over database.

    I have done this serveral times with minimal hassles.

    Try this first, & see how you go. Post back if problems.



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