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    Arrow Unanswered: one event, miltiple dates and times-

    I am a little new with creating tables and relationships in Access
    2k... I understand the concepts well enough, but I could use a little
    advice on a new project of mine: I am looking for the best way to
    setup tables for an 'events web calendar' db- I welcome any advise,
    but particularly in the date/time fields... Users on the site will be
    submitting events with multiple (some non-consecutive) dates and start
    Thursday, Mar. 17 2002 doors- 6pm downbeat- 7:30pm
    Saturday, Mar. 19 2002 doors- 6pm downbeat- 7:30pm
    Sunday, Mar. 20 2002 doors- 1pm downbeat- 2:30pm

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: one event, miltiple dates and times-

    To track the name of the event, create a 2nd table with 2 fields, EVENT_ID (Autonumber field), and EVENT_NAME (Text field default is 50 characters). Call this table "tblEvent".

    Create a table with 4 fields, EVENT_ID (Number field set to INTEGER), DATE (Date/Time field set to LONG DATE), DOORS (Date/Time field set to MEDIUM TIME), and DOWNBEAT (Date/Time field set to MEDIUM TIME). Call this table "tblSchedule".

    In the relationship settings, link the two tables on EVENT_ID.

    Then, to input events, you'd have to create a form that will allow you to add the EVENT_NAME (thereby creating the EVENT_ID) and then a form that will allow you to select the EVENT_NAME (and in the backgroud the EVENT_ID), and schedule the event. On this form you would take the EVENT_ID from the Named Event in "tblEvent" and store that in the EVENT_ID in "tblSchedule".

    Hope this helps...
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