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    Unanswered: multiple updates to update a field in a table

    Hi...I have a field expiration date in my table and the UPDATE query criteria differs for months 1-11 and the month 12 can I run these 2 update queries for each of these criteria together in a single UPDATE query to update this expiration date field at one go...I tried using UNION to join these 2 UPDATE queries into one UPDATE query..can anyine help me please...

    Its like
    UPDATE Member SET Member.ExpirationDate = (PaymentMonth+1) & "/1/ " & DatePart("yyyy",Date())+1
    WHERE PaymentMonth<12
    UPDATE Member SET Member.ExpirationDate = "1/1/" & DatePart("yyyy",Date())+2
    WHERE PaymentMonth=12;

    I hope this will help you understand my question better


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    How about:

    UPDATE Member SET Member.ExpirationDate = IIF(PaymentMonth=12,"1/1/" & DatePart("yyyy",Date())+2,(PaymentMonth+1) & "/1/ " & DatePart("yyyy",Date())+1)

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