I received lately a lot of emails asking about this famous error problem.
this is my solution I have discovered.

ASP is full of bugs, as I discovered lately, but these bugs can be solved by writing codeŇ

My problem was due to Database connections, it seem to me I was doing the perfect thing, opening connections, recordsets, executing queries and finally I destroy every object I create.

If you open only one connection (as I used to do), and run more than one query or recordsets at the same time, what is happening? ASP does not allow you to run more than one query through the same connection at the same time, (though it seems that it is working) so how come? Since ASP does not allow that, it creates its own connections to run the further queries you are executing, and after you are done with them, ASP is not destroying the connections it creates. If you are not destroying your connection objects as well, so you are helping the problem to come up.

unclosed objects will create a resource leak in memory, and as the times goes, more objects are not closed, and more memory resources are consumed until it reaches to the maximum. And guess what, the famous message will show up!

-Define a connection for every query by its own.
-Create you connection object and destroy them your self, don't let ASP do any thing by its self.

Hope this information be helpful for every body.


Khalid Budijaja