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    Unanswered: pl/sql or sql*loader for adding business logic validations?

    As u know,
    sql*loader has the ability to make some validations apart from datatype etc..
    using WHEN Clauses.
    I wonder if it is more feasible when one implements business logic validations inside PL/SQL blocks after data were loaded into tables.
    Which schema is better for performance?


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    i'd go with the SQLldr option; as the main restriction when importing large amounts of data is usually disc speed; the processors don't usually do that much. Where as if it is allready in the table you have to read it, process it and write it back (as well as having to put it in to the database in the first place).

    Also depending on whether or not you want to use the direct option on sqlldr - you can also bypass 'oracle' anyway and just write to the file.

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