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    Unanswered: append query and autonumbering

    I want to append several records to an existing query with an autonumbering field. The last record in the existing query ends with autonumber 36 and I want the new records to have autonumbers starting with 37. Unfortunately I have deleted 1000 records in the query (the one to which the records must be appended) and as a consequence the new records start with number 1037.




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    try delete autonumber field and then create new one.

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    Here's a procedure I pulled out of my 'personal mauual' database that might help.....

    if the table is part of a relationship:
    remove relationship

    if the auto-number field is a primary key:
    temporarily remove the primary key

    create a new table with a long integer number field

    type in the counter (auto-number) start value minus 1 (2599 if you want to start at 2600)

    create an append query and append the value (2599) into the auto-number field of your table

    open the table and remove the newly created record

    add primary key (if necessary)

    re-create relationship (if necessary)

    Hope this helps....

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