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    Question Unanswered: Oracle and Pentium 4 issues

    I'm running W2000 Professional under a P4(Dell).
    I just finish to install Oracle 8.1.7 (I haved some problems whith Java, but now the Oracle is installed) and I changed all the files with cl extension (-nojit option for JREW).
    When I try to start DBA Studio or Console or anything with is using oemapp batch script, the application does't start. Please anybody could have an idea!!!
    P.S. Net8 Assistent is working fine.
    Thank for all your replays.

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    I resolve the problem.
    You must add a new line in oemapp.bat file:

    set OS=Windows_NT

    and OEM is gonna work under Windows 2000 Professional.
    Good luck all of you.

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