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    Unanswered: Reverse enginnering in VISIO 2002 (problem with sp_primarykey)

    I have problem if I want to do reverse engineering in VISIO 2002.
    The database uses primary key created with sp_primarykey an foreign keys with sp_foreingnkey

    In VISIO - Database - Options - Drivers I had set the DDL script generationas follows:
    Preffered version - 6.0
    Generate primary key using - sp_primarykey
    Generate foregin key using - sp_foreignkey

    The process had passed without errors, but the relations didn't showed.
    I tried option "Show related tables" but nothing didn't happend.


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    That could possibily be because of the loss of dependensies. The happens when you drop and recreate few objects in the database, which does ot re-establish the dependensies.

    Try recompiling the objects or establishing the foreign keys again.


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