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    Unanswered: SQL Server 2000 Merge Replication Between Remote Servers

    I'm having a hell of a time getting merge replication to work between remote servers. I've got 3 SQL Servers that all recognize eachother over my network and all show up in my Server Group. (All 3 servers are Windows 2000 Server machines.)

    I can (apparently) successfully set up one of my servers as the distributor and get that server to publish my databases. The problem comes in when the other servers have to connect to my distributor. When I try to configure the other two servers as publishers, I get errors saying it can't connect to the distributor. One of my servers say "Error 17: SQL Server does not exist or access denied." The other server says "Error 7201: Could not execute procedure on remote server 'repl_distributor' because SQL Server not configured for remote access."

    Other related problem: Every time I try to change the distributor's administrative link password it seemingly works when I click OK but when I reopen the Publisher and Distribution properties it seemingly never accepts the password change.

    I've tried everything I can think of to get replication to work between my remote servers. The planets aren't quite aligned.

    Possible errors? I've messed with all of these with no success.
    1)Incorrectly configured logins?
    2)Incorrectly configured remote servers?
    3)Incorrect configuration sequence?
    4)Improper login/user/admin permissions?
    5)Unselected option?

    Other Questions:
    1)Should I use Windows Authentication or SQL Server Authentication when setting up all logins?
    2)Should I map all remote server logins to a single login or different logins?

    Can anyone out there steer me in the correct direction?

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    FOr remote replication have you tried replication using ODBC?

    For remote replication :

    1. The folder which contains data must be shared and must have required rights.

    2. You can also achieve it by using FTP also.


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