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    Unanswered: Informix error -23101


    We have trying to resolve this problems that is as following:

    when a client requests an application of database appearse the error 23101 unable to load locale categories.
    we execcuted a finderr of the error and it says:
    "if a lcient application receives this error when it requests a database server connection, check that the client and database locales are compatibles. they are compatibles if a valid locale exists on then server computer whith the name lg_tr.codeset@mod, where lg_tr (language and territory) and mod (locale modifier) are form the CLIENT_LOCALEand codeset is from the database locale (from the DB_LOCALE, if it is set, or as storage in the database.)

    It also appears the error when a user tries to execute an isql or 4gl.

    We have already checked the environment variables, $INFORMIXDIR AND $INFORMIXSERVER, they are set correctly.

    We have found a temporary solution to almost all the client, associating the Informix group to every client, but this provoques a not convenient gap of security.

    It was recommended, to reinstall the product, but it was not assured that that the problem was going to be solutioned.

    If we test doing this: unset $INFORMIXDIR, and after, set $INFORMIXDIR, this setting of variables can resolve the problem?

    What another environment variables to be set can you recommend.

    If you have some solutions please send it as soon as possible to..

    thank you

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    i have set the following variables
    set DB_LOCALE=EN_US.8859-1
    set DBLANG=EN_US.CP1252


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