I am trying to create a set from one dimension using
several different criteria on multiple members. For
example, I have a dimension called customers with members
[State], [City] and [CustNo]. The member [CustNo] has a member property of "FullName".

I want to build a set that contains Customers from MO and AR in the cities of Kansas City and St. Louis and Rogers with the name "HOME DEPOT" OR "LOWES". Please note that there are more than one valid "Kansas City"s but I only want the one in the state of "MO". I figured I would create a set with the valid states, then filter that sub-set for the valid citites, then filter that sub-set for the valid customer names. The hierarchy for the customers dimension is State, City, CustNo. This is just a portion of my query, I will also be creating a sub-set of part numbers and then using both the sub-set of customers and sub-set of part numbers in my select clause. Any ideas?

Much thanks in advance!!!