We have a powerbuilder application running in Oracle 8.1.6, we use 8i Lite for replication, now we are movinmg to 9i Lite. It looks like the snapshot creation/replication is completely changed.
I am trying to get my replication with 8i server & 9i lite.

With Lite 3.5 we used RepAPIs , but in 9i lite there is no such things, replaced by powerful Mobile Server(!!) ....Sync server....
I am still trying with this...
now I am going thru Win32 documents , they use publish/subscribe methods , .
They have some Java methods that can only be used from Java application. but I have a PB application I have to invoke the database creation & snapshot creation/refresh at run time.
1. is there any API that can be used from other applications like PB
2. the snapshots are created in Lite the USLOG$_.... tables will be created for the related table. Is it still happening in 9i Lite? or this is also changed.