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    Unanswered: standby9i

    I use windows 2000 and install Oracle9i.
    When I try create a standby database using the wizard I have problem with 9iDataGuard.When I starting DataGuardManager occurs error.
    My OracleHome on standby node is F:\ora9i, but DataGuardManager deletes "\" and error appears:

    Connecting to standby node
    Retrieving listener.ora file from node ...
    Error obtaining listener.ora file on node : couldn't open "Fra9i/network/admin/listener.ora": no such file or directory

    Processing failed.

    Anyone can help me?


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    Hi everyone,
    I faced a similar situation to this and I keep getting the following message :
    VNI-2015 : Authentication error

    When I checked the OEM Jobs, I found the listener.ora file retreival job has failed with same error : VNI-2015 : Authentication error

    what should be the default authentication for the listener in the "Preferred Credintioals"


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