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    Unanswered: Mud Bubble Syndrome. The DB expands without control and then explodes and corrupts

    I need some help. I've made an application in VB6 with a DB in Access 2000 and I use ADO. The problem seems to be that The DB expands without measure and then crashes down. If I open the DB I get an error message and I am prompted to "Compact and Repair". After that it runs smoothly For about six or seven hours. Then it starts all over again.
    Why?. This is a multiuser enviroment (five PCs), The DB is located on the server, I use both ADODCs and recordsets opened normally and linked to a connection object.

    Thank you very much for your help.

    PS. The easy way would be compact the DB manually, but I need every user out of the app. And the site is running on a three shifts 24 hour basis.

    Also (as an X file). Often I have to run the "compact & repair" twice, and once, I compacted the DB via Terminal server and I could open and work with it perfectly. The end-users couldn't get the DB running though.
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