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    Unanswered: MySQL Newbie

    I've never delt with databases before. I'm very excited because I just got a new project that needs to use a database. Basically I'll be creating a front end to display information that is stored in the database and the database itself. I haven't gotten all of the requirements for the project yet, but I do know I'll be using MySQL for the database so I figured I should do some research now. Does anyone have any good places where I can learn some of the MySQL commands and so forth? I'll be using Java to create the front end if that matters at all. I'm not sure weither I'm going to create a web front end or a Swing front end. That depends on the requirements I guess. Thanks for any help or direction.


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    12 is great site for MySql and PHP.

    Here is Kevin Yank's article Build your own Database Driven Website using PHP & MySQL

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