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    Angry Unanswered: Data Corruption in Clipper

    Hi, I had an clipper Applicattion wich run well in our network enviroment ( Novell 4.11 & about 80 workstation w9x ) the app is write in clipper 5.2e , link with Blinker 5.1.

    Now i use some machines in w2000 and get corruption in some .ntx, the appl run well in novell + w9x machines, during the last five years.

    Any idea, thx, and please sorry for my bad english

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    The Oasis web site ( goto FAQ) says:

    9.7 Why am I getting lots of index corruption on Windows NT and later versions of Windows 9.x?
    Microsoft is attempting to increase network speeds in Windows 9x and their server software, Windows NT, by cacheing network data. While this can effectively reduce network traffic and speed up access, it also means that confirmed data can sit unwritten in your outbound network buffers. Prior to this recent development by Microsoft, no other operating system Client/NOS would cache write data simply because of the possibility of the loss of unwritten data.

    Client/Server software does not appear to be impacted by this overcaching.

    How can we work around this problem?

    Currently, two causes are identified:

    1. The early Microsoft Windows 95 OSR2 Client redirector has some bugs. Microsoft has released several redirector patches. Two of them are available on The Oasis. You may have to try them both. Try the old one first. The older one is named VRDR2UPD.ZIP and the newer one, VRDRUPD.ZIP. You might find an even newer one on the Microsoft site.

    2. There are some registry settings that change the way caching is implemented in the Microsoft network client. There is a registry patch which the Lotus Corporation provides for their cc:Mail customers which will automate the change to the registry settings. This patch turns off network caching and causing writes to be immediate. Be certain to back up your registry before you run this patch.


    If you can't get the Microsoft client to stop corrupting your data, you might want to try the Novell IntraNetWare Client. It seems to have much less of this bad behaviour and also has registry entries which will turn of write cacheing and turn on immediate writes. You can download it from the Netware web site.


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    Using Clipper 5.2d, Funcky 2.01 and Blinker 3.1...

    I have a fairly large legacy app in use with 25 clients riding its back at any one time. It's been running since 1994. As we left Novel and continued up the Windows networking platform to our current Win2000 advanced server, we have continued to have corrupted databases. I tell ya, what a hassle to reindex these large files.

    What specific caching needs to be turned off on a Win2000 server? Any help will help me sleep just a little bit better...


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